Crack renovation

Have you stopped counting cracks on your façade?

In our craft we deal daily with cracks in buildings. Yet there are so many types of cracks that an amateur is unlikely to be able to find a solution to permanently seal them.

The example on the right shows a façade, which is constructed and professionally implemented so that it offers good protection against many types of cracks.

Generally, there are six different types of cracks divided into three categories:

> Cracks not based on plaster base

> Cracks based on plaster base

> Construction related cracks

Which in principal can have more than twenty causes.

Competence is required

With education and longstanding experience, we have the competence required to deal with cracks of all sorts. Like with the façade renovation, there are multitude of possibilities. Regardless if it’s a single crack or the entire façade – we have the solution.

We would be happy to do a non-binding and competent consultation.

On the façade of this building, we recommended an extensive crack-bridging combined with technical paint solution to counteract the constantly reoccurring cracks caused by amateur or incorrect solutions. This involved crack-bridging using elastic paint and crack-bridging fabric. In addition, we implemented sealing measures on the terrace, which was part of the root cause for the cracks.

This project focused on a smooth plaster surface. The crack renovation was effectively the positive side benefit. The solution involved a spot-welded and alkali-resistant plaster fabric which was mixed into the reinforcing mortar followed by a further layer of reinforcing mortar to provide a smooth surface. Result: an attractive, high-grade technical solution which was not just pleasing to the eye but also enduring.

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