Interior design

Ambient Living – a visible transformation of your living space.

Is your wall design starting to look a bit shabby? Are you feeling overcome by the once so modern, strong colours? Or is plain white just feeling too plain? Then it’s high time for a new paint coat.

Your exclusive real estate – be it your main or your holiday residence – would enjoy a unique interior design face-lift.

The choice of colouring in your private or commercial spaces are in part a manifestation of your personality. Wall colouring is key to the ambience of a room yet should not be viewed in isolation. It needs to part of the overall picture and be in harmony with the purpose of the room, light incidence and interiors. We’d be happy to advise you.

Checklist for Choice of Colour:

  • The size of the room plays a primary role. Light colours make small room appear larger, dark colours smaller.

  • Important is also the room function. Should the colour scheme have a motivating or calming effect?

  • A question of taste. Do you love orange? Loud colours work better as accent colour as part of a broader colour scheme.

Blue as accent colour

Through an accentuated colouring you can attribute weight to a part of the room. For example, the use of a blue wall as a contrasting eye-catcher in an otherwise white or light-coloured room works wonders. Combined with matching accessories you can create a holistic room ambiance.

Integration of materials

Colour accents is not the only way to create a personal atmosphere. Integrating e.g. masonry, metal structures or wooden panelling into the overall concept gives your room a personal touch.

Light colours

With a colour scheme of light shades, you bestow a room with openness and expanse. The reflection of the incoming daylight contributes to a warm and friendly atmosphere. Light shades harmonise with most home decoration and can easily be used in all spaces.

Dark colours

The use of darker shades can create a confined feeling and make small rooms even smaller. Combined with the suitable lightening concept, however, dark colours can be very effective. Generally, dark colours are used as single effects to accentuate the room layout.

Shapes & patterns

Back in vogue: Wall décor with large-size shapes or patterns. In the 70s and 80s entire rooms were decorated with large patterned wallpaper. Today, this rediscovered style is mostly used as an accent, e.g. emphasising a wall or using a single sheet of wallpaper as an eye-catcher.

Capability & Passion

Evidently, we offer much more than a deep understanding of colours and colour schemes.

We carry out the implementation of your dream living space in a professional way and spare no effort to finding the best solution.

Be it an accentuated living room wall, a large loft or an indoor swimming pool. All our works are carried out with exceptional expertise and passion for our craft.

Protecting your property against damage is of utmost importance to us.

Private indoor swimming pool

A project like this presents challenges to both craftsmen and paint. High temperatures, humidity and hard-to-reach working areas.

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