Metal protection

A material with character

Metal is everywhere in our lives. Hardly any other material is used as much – be it on private properties, indoor and garden or in public spaces.

Metal has many faces

When thinking about metal, iron usually comes to mind. Even though this is indeed the mostly used metal, there is a much wider range of metals available – from aluminium over precious metals to zinc

Here on the coast our primary focus is iron, which suffers from the effect of the humid and saline air. Especially close to the sea.

Metal protection is so much more than just a coat against rust – in protects the overall surface and it decorative.

La Casa Bella finds a suitable solution to every problem. We protect your metal constructions effectively.

After removing the rust, we use a corrosion protection and a bonding agent...

... followed by three layers of protection against corrosion...

... which allows for a decorative, long-lasting outcome.

Here is a combination of wood and metal protection which greets guests in glory.

Sometimes it’s scratches from cleaning or a non-pleasing colour which brings about a new metal protection coating.

In this case aluminium window frames, which after a white coating brighten up the entire room.

It’s not only the products that protect, the craftsmen’s experience is even more important ...

... to ensure there are no holes or entry points for the water in the coating...

... and to use the decorative possibilities of protective coating to the benefit of customers.

Based on experience we trust HAMMERITE for outdoor works

Both the inhibition and the deceleration of rust appearance using HAMMERITE metal varnish is very convincing. Moreover, the new solvent-free system is environmentally friendly.

Protect & Improve

If metal is not protected it usually doesn’t last very long. Especially outdoor metal is constantly strained by weather conditions such as rain, humidity and saline sea air.

The primary purpose of HAMMERITE metal varnish is to protect. The varnish creates a solid layer which counteract the damaging environmental effects. The HAMMERITE metal protection varnish is TÜV certified and offers a wide-ranging colour scheme for every taste.

We work with traditional producers of high-quality varnish to ensure we can offer comprehensive solution for any problems.

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