Wall decorations

We love wallpaper!

Walls surround us everywhere, be it in private, commercial or public spaces. To transform them from boundaries to opportunities is at heart of craftsmen, architects, planners, constructors and residents alike. We would like to support you by making your ideas reality.

The word wallpaper is nowadays often replaced by words like wall coverings, décor and alike since forms, materials and functions are so much broader than the classical wallpaper.

There’s a lot happening with walls – wallpapers or wall coverings are very popular. Walls are getting dressed again – plain with textured wallpaper in cool colours or cheerful with pattern in warm colours. Futuristic with elegant metal décor or puristic with geometrical patterned and metal-coloured wallpaper or matte effect as a contrast to high gloss. The second trend is set on comfort and zest for life with colours and photo wallpapers.

The variety of wallpapers has exploded in the last few years. Invigorating 3-D wallpaper, which takes wall design possibilities to entirely new level, has played a significant role in this development.

A couple of examples

Wallpaper out of cork with ornate gold appliqués

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