Sealing systems

Small cause – BIG IMPACT

A one-millimetre hole caused immense damages to the house over a long period of time. Regardless of sealing measure there was no avail.

We say: makes sense!

The first measure to take should always be a root case analysis. Only by understanding the cause and effect can take the right measures. Treating the cause is secondary. In this case, once the cause was located a 5€ clip helped where previous five-digit measures could not.

We stringently follow this structured approach, especially for dampness issues.

From plant throughs over house walls to flat roofs – we are your competent solution partner for water damages, increasing dampness and all other moisture damages.

Lack of sealing. Looking for the cause for rust on a garage door.

Analysed, sought...

... found and repaired.

Regardless if water-proof plaster, salt inhibitor, water-repellent mortar or injection as a horizontal barrier, we have a solution!

We seal everything
Damp walls – mould – consequential damage

As painter specialists we are regularly confronted with water damages. Beside the typical water damage through e.g. burst pipes it also involves damages caused by construction deficiencies. We provide solutions for all types of problems – with guarantee.

Moisture is every building component’s the worst enemy and inevitably leads to increasingly larger damages.

There are several causes for moisture penetration of building components. Here in Spain it is very often a lack of protection against rising damp out of the soil.

Due to faulty or missing vertical/horizontal barriers this can cause the extensive damage.

The rising water in the capillaries brings harmful salts from the soil and construction material. These salts are stored in the walls. Their hygroscopic properties progressively absorb moisture and leaks at the top of the damp area. The solution – a missing horizontal barriers – can be retro fitted relatively easily and inexpensively. No need for extensive, expensive construction work or soil movements.

Quite simple: wall drying with our proven VEINAL® silicon resin system!

VEINAL® VSS 1-90 is a water-free silicon resin solution for wall drying of damp walls and wet cellars. It is applied on mineral building components such as bricks, sandstone, sand-lime brick, aerated concrete, concrete, masonry mortar, natural stone walls, etc. The key advantage of this water-free solution is that only thing needed to set the off the reaction of polymeric silicon resin is moisture. The active agent forms in a short time which means reaction time is within 24 hours. From that moment, the overlying masonry will start drying out. The polymeric VEINAL® silicon resin forms a very effective barrier to rising moisture and does not decay. You obtain a 20-year manufacturer warranty.

Die VEINAL® silicon resin solution is injected through drill channels in the masonry. The product has extremely low viscosity, is thinner than water and has strong penetrating properties, which quickly forms a solid, non-decayable horizontal barrier.

Numerous publications in trade press, research reports (Department for Material Testing at the Technical University of Munich), WTA certification show proof of the VEINAL® system. Several thousand water damaged objects were successfully treated and restored with VEINAL® products.

As a certified VEINAL® license partner we consult our clients on Costa del Sol and offer proven solutions for numerous water damages.

Take advantage of or free, non-binding moisture measurement and our competent advice – today!

Sealing and water-repellent treatment (hydrophobing)


Moss formation through permanent moisture penetration.

Cleaned. Treated. Result: stays dry and clean.

We seal everything – also from the inside – drinking water deposit

An often-underestimated area using permanently elastic sealants for sealing.

In wet areas, such as kitchen or bathroom.

Skirting boards and door frames.

Against soiling or staining.

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