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Wood Is a fascinating element…its raw surface, its uniqueness and its natural beauty – texture, colour, irregularities, warmth and authenticity which simultaneously support the aesthetics and beauty of its surroundings. Wood has become the material of the 21st century and is an integral part of architecture and constructions alike.

Well protected lives longer!

Every tree has its bark to protect it from weather conditions. As soon as the tree is harvested, this natural protection is missing.

Wood protection is a worthwhile investment.

Protection against wind and weather

Protection against wind and weather

Regardless if outdoor furniture, terrace decking, pergolas or children’s playhouse in the garden – the wood is continuously exposed to rain, sun and temperature fluctuations and must be regularly taken care of to ensure long-term preservation.

One of the main enemies of outdoor wood is the humidity – too much induces fungus and various micro-organisms, which makes it fragile and rotten over time.

Preventative action

In this case, regular use of wood preservatives is essential. Even more effective in order to safeguard your wood is using preventative protection.

For example, end-grained wood - the cross section at e.g. the end of chair or table legs - is more likely to soak up water. Here a metal “shoe” or simply putting a water repellent material underneath (see picture) to prevent the water from entering.

A simple measure with long-term impact, which can protect wood again e.g. a damp lawn.

Chemical wood protection – coating with real value-add

There are various methods to protect wood chemically and generally these are separated into two categories – preventative and combating. By regularly treating your outdoor constructions, fences or even outdoor furniture and pergolas chemically you can avoid the massive and costly measures of infestation. Chemical wood protection includes different protection classes reaching from the surface to the inner parts. After installation wood can only be sealed with varnish, glaze or oil, and repeated regularly to extend its longevity.

The time factor

A surface treatment should be renewed before the old one has been ruined. This has benefits beyond just pleasing the eye. A regular coat of wood protection costs a fraction of a total restoration, which would be necessary once the coating is destroyed.

Your wood protection expert

helps you through the entire process of wood protection – from the choice of surface coating to its implementation – in order to ensure the beauty of your wood is long-lasting.

Protecting your wooden flooring

Blistering & scratches due to wrong wood protection.

Completely removed to pave way for new protection

Wood impregnation with light-fast pigments. Wooden flooring dream ready for use.

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