Façade design

Form and function

Form, colour and material characterise the look and feel of a façade. It’s not only about aesthetics. The functionality and durability are decisive for quality.

Façades have a big effect. More than any other construction elements they embody the value and identity of a building. Beauty and quality can be judged by the craftsmanship. The prerequisites for a high-grade façade finish are sound substance analysis, solid planning, skilled workmanship and top-quality products.

Substance analysis and planning

Only professionals who can correctly analyse the existing substance – be it a new or an already weather-beaten façade – is able to make the right choice for the future façade finish.

Weather and environmental impacts as well as previously inappropriate works will leave visible traces on façades.

One example, which unfortunately happen often on the coast, is:

Often due the costs, a helper or non-skilled person carries out the façade finish. Potentially with a high-quality but not compatible paint. A surface preparation is rarely done. Before long damages become visible. The client is annoyed but doesn’t want to spend to much on follow-up costs. Closed circle. The façade has been sustainably damaged and is no longer stable. In most cases the only resort is a façade renovation.

Don’t let it get that far! Façade finish is the skin of the building. Indulge it with real treatment and care.

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